Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

EF#29: For Someone who will be Present in My Belly Someday ...

The presence of a child is something that is expected by every couples and families, including myself and my husband. But, in our two years of marriage there has been no sign that someone will be present in my belly. My husband and I had already started to figure out since last year. We start consulting anywhere according to any suggestion that we encountered. We started following a series tests that are complicated and certainly not cheap. However, we do not get answers to our prayers, our expectation. Allah may be not want us to be the parents yet.

For someone who will be present in my belly someday. We just want you to know, dear. We are very expecting. We knew we would greatly love you even when you are just a starting point. We would be willing to provide whatever is best for you. Its probably similar to what have done by every parents out there. No parents who do not love their children. Maybe a misunderstandings that make the difference, between the intent of the parents and the children.

Maybe, we were not good future parents, but we will always learn and try to provide the best for you. Maybe, we are not perfect but we will try to improve it just for you. Maybe we still have a lot to learn to become parents but we are willing to learn endlessly just for you. Yes, just for you dear.  

Someone who will be present in my belly someday ...

From us,
who loved you long before we met

Lisa & Ismail


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  1. I have some friends who are also waiting, and some who are finally having children after waiting for some time. I could only let you (and them) know that we always wish and pray the best for you and your family :)

    1. Thank you mb Vita, I appreciate it.
      I wish and pray the best for you and your family too :)
      btw, Thank you for dropping by :)