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EF#26: Stay Away From The Dentist Please...

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Going to the dentist? Hmm, dont ask. Because I had an experience that made me a afraid going to the dentist.

So, this happened a few years ago, when I was still in junior high school, with all the ideals that I have to acquire education at the highest level. Requirements to go to the school that I want, want me to fix everything that is "broken" in my body, including the teeth.

As we all know, we have to brush our teeth at least twice a day. So do I. I felt maintain the health of my body very well. But it turns out, after I do several check, my teeth had a problem. Most row of my teeth I have a micro hole, where the hole is not visible from the outside, my teeth look healthy outside, but actually in it has been damaged, badly. So badly. So every tooth was broken, must be drilled for later patched. And indeed, the dentist was always found a huge hole behind. Fyi, so bad the state of the teeth in my mouth, I handled the best team dentist and oral surgery in my town, which consist of the dentist himself with four assistants and two interns student. Incredible, right? I also could not believe that my teeth condition was so badly. Team doctors aim to fix my teeth for a month with drilling and repair schedules twice or three times a week. Even then, outside the practice schedule. It was like a nightmare for me. But, I must get it done for my future. Must.

In the first week I started to get used to it, even with their doctors really know me until now. All because of my teeth. Repair teeth dont stop there. There was one tooth, which according to my dentist it was completely broken. As a result of the rarely used. Yeah, I admit, may be you and other friends too. Definitely you have relied upon row of teeth to chew. For example, left only or right only. Well, I am among those who adopts it. I am comfortable using one row only. Which turns out more and make me wrong. More rarely worn teeth, then it will get damaged. And I had one tooth broken, tooth which roots are very strong but very damaged. There is no other way than to pull it out. How to pull it too should not be arbitrary, small errors, it could make me blind because of its roots in touch with one of the nerves in the back of the brain. (Sorry if I was wrong, I recall it so). I was given oral medication to weaken the bond roots of my teeth for a week. But it turns out the roots are too strong that doctors should add another week. After two weeks of taking the medication, the doctor that I think is already proficient, gave up. In fact, I've injected as much as twice that makes me almost cry because of the pain. But he gave up. Afraid to take further handling, but still only a pull just my opinion. So what's the solution? With my cheek and gums that have swollen because of the anesthesia, I was referred to a doctor who is more intelligent, more advanced and supervisor of doctors who handle me. My response, wow! Did my condition so much awful and severity did I? Alright, I could only surrender.

I immediately go to the doctor who referred to a letter and a statement from a doctor diagnoses earlier. There, I was injected again. Incredible, is injected in the gums, in the same place four times in less than an hour was unbelievable. Finally my teeth removed.

I thought my problems of the teeth is completed at that time. A week after that, I felt strange in my gums, supposedly, my gums feel smooth, without teeth. But there was something hard and painful. Apparently, there are fragments of teeth left and I have experienced the same thing, injected and pull out again.

Experience repairing teeth like a nightmare to me until now. Supposedly, the removed tooth must be replaced at that time, because it can not grow again. In other words, I had to do a small operation to perform the installation of the tooth. But, I give up. I had had enough of my doing dental work on a large scale. Its like a nightmare for me to get it done again. So until now, in my mouth, there is a space between two molars were no teeth and feels smooth. I think its enough. I hope I will not experience it again in the future. Therefore, I am very cautious until now. I also hope you and other friends do not have an experience like mine.



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