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EF#25: The Hidden Meaning of Ifthar Together

Ifthar Together with High School Mates: Ramadhan 2014


Hi..., A very long time no see ... ahhahaha. I am so confused to make another excuse for this. Always give an excuse. Oops! Hehehe. Okay, time for me to pay all my debts. I have so many debts to repay. Until I forget how many my post debt, when the last time I keep the BEC track and what post I made before I was totally off. Maybe a lot.

Okay, let's start one by one from the first debt. Ifthar together.

As I recall, I've written a draft on this topic before, but I have not had time to post it on my blog, and now my draft have been missing!

I dont knows where I keep it. Totally forgot. Okey, lets rewrite it one. Phew.

I actually still somewhat dubious about this term of Ifthar Together, just give a sneak-peek at the BEC this topic a few months ago. Hehehe.

Fasting is required worship that must be implemented by Muslims every year during Ramadan. Because Ramadan is a special day for Muslims, so many ways to make it more special. One way to enjoy the spirit of fasting is ifthar together. And it can happen to any person wherever it is.
Ifthar together somehow becomes reunion event for a particular community. For example, ifthar together with a family, work mates, high school friends, college friends and various other communities. And it will always be fun. Why? Because we are going to meet up with friends who had long or infrequently we encounter daily. You can remember the memories together, of something you did together back then. If you ask me, I would be happy to meet with them, knowing all about their news, their families, where do they work, has married or not, and so on. That is, the meaning of the real silaturrahim, and it can be established through a simple ifthar together. Have we ever realized that? That fasting and ifthar together can increase silaturrahim among others and foster a spirit of sharing.
So the question is, when the BEC members make an event of ifthar together?



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  1. Udah agak lama daftar BEC tapi blm pernah ikutan posting sesuai tema,hiks.. Salam kenal yah.. :D

    1. ikutan ajaa mbak,, seruu lhoohh,, Lisa mah g tertib,, sering telat mulu, hehehe
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