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EF#27: English is Freaking Me Out

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I dont know what will I tell you later included in the category of habit or not. The challenge this time, make me thinking, what is my unique habit that supposed to change my life. I also do blog walking here as inspiration. Finding something nice in mb Vita post here, how easy she share her habit in her post, pop out from her mind. Heheheh. Simple but very inspiring.

When I was in school, I really liked the English. I found it very easy for me find the meaning of a sentence by guessing what its meant. One of my teachers suggested expanding my vocabulary knowledge so I dont keep guessing game in answering my Englis questions. Hehehe.

1. Bring Irregular Verb cards. Just a regular sized card that printed in A5 consisted of few words irregular verb and a few English formulas. I apply this habit since I was in junior high school. So if I was lazy listening what my teacher said in class, then I will read the card.
Dont copy this bad habbit of mine. Hehehe.

2. From time to time, the irregular verb card is getting boring, because not all irregular verb there. I was looking for a more.
Then I bring a small dictionary as reading material. These tips I got from one of my favorite teachers. In my childhood, there is no super-sophisticated smart phone that can provide any information at that moment as it happens today. So bring a small dictionary everywhere enough to help me memorize all the meaning of a word. As I remember, I even brought an English dictionary when watching movies that have an English subtitles using my laptop. I will press pause button when there are words in a sentence in the movies that I didnt understand and look it up in the dictionary. Ha ha ha.  I was so obsessed with English. Ha ha ha.

3. Learn from the movies. I really like to watch movies.
I like any genre of movies except Horror, Thriller and Historical. Mostly I watch Korean Drama by download it my self or as a results from barter with a friend (Oh no, I got caught like to download Korean Drama, haha). Most of the movies are available with English subtitle. Even if there are Indonesian subtitle, then the language will be so messy and more difficult to understand. So, inevitably, using English subtitle. I began to replace my dictionary with alpha-link that famous a few years ago among students. Eventually, I was not comfortable with it, because the movies often stop for a moment to understand. Hehehe. I also tried to eliminate my dependence on alfa-link, Alhamdulillah I had success. And now InshaAllah, I have been able to understand the contents of the movies with English subtitles without having to frequently press the pause button. Heheheh

Okay it is my strange habits I can share while learning English, certainly very helpful for now. Hehe

So there anyone more strange than me while obsess about something?



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