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EF#16: The Onion and the Garlic

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I actually kind of having trouble writing for BEC theme this time, so my posting was at the end of the submission. Because I have problems deciding what post I will made in accordance with the theme of BEC. At the end of the new submission, I will write about fairy tales the onion and the garlic. Okay, check it out.

Who does not know the story of the onion and the garlic? The story is very well known throughout the country. Stories the onion and the garlic are included in the category of fairy tale where the old fairy tale is a form of literature that tells the story of an extraordinary occurrence that full imaginary (fiction) is considered by the community something that does not really happen.

Fairytale the onion and the garlic are grown in Indonesia if we remember again, the story is very similar to that developed in the Cinderella fairy tale world. Both fairy tale the onion and the garlic and Cinderella tells of a girl who must live with his step mother and siblings because her father had died. From there the garlic or Cinderella received a lot of help or magic that helped her survive the mother and stepsister were evil. At the end of the story, both are equally married by a young man who was kind and richer who falls in love with beauty and kindness the garlic or Cinderella.

The fairy tale teaches us to always do well to anybody, regardless of whether others are also good or bad to us.
Because every action whether it be good or bad will return to the act. In accordance with the maxim, who sow then he will reap.

Okey, that’s all. Here is my submission, where’s yours?

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