Senin, 13 April 2015

EF#14: Childhood Favorite Cartoon Characters

BEC theme last week was one of the many unique themes created by the BEC admin. Unfortunately, I was too late to make a submission. So will I pay today even though it was too late. Better late than never right?

Sailormoon Character

Each child must have had a favorite cartoon characters, including me. In my childhood, I really liked the cartoon of Sailormoon series. What is the reason? Maybe because in the kids world there is a tendency to have a superhero that saves the world, including in my childhood, perhaps the most striking is Sailormoon. I like the story of friendship and character of each sailor is different but remain loyal and help each other when one of her friends in trouble. Not forgetting two cute cats that have a crescent moon mark on his forehead that can talk. Each sailor has a uniqueness of its own, if given the choice, I would probably choose the main character, that cute Usagi and Mamoru are plain and understanding. Of the overall character, cartoon characters drawn with a beautiful face and handsome by the comic artists, it also may be the main attraction for me, hehehehe  I even asked my mother to buy school bags that has Sailormoon picture on it for my birthday present. A sling bag with the color of dark blue that has a full team of Sailormoon picture on it in front of the bag. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to show to you all, and whether it has to be where the bag now, hehehehe

Conan Edogawa - Sinichi Kudo

I read a lot of comics and watch cartoons because I have sister who love cartoons. If my sister were watching cartoons or reading comics, somehow I became interested to watch or read afterwards. I have a hobby of watching movies, and cartoons are in my list. Some cartoons are interesting and not to be missed are Special A, Furuba (Fruit Basket), Kimini Todoke, Sukitte Iinayo, and of course Detective Conan. Since a few years ago, I liked the character of Conan Edogawa or Sinichi Kudo in the Detective Conan series. I am very interested in his intelligent and way of thinking, he always has a way to solving the mystery that is in front of him. Always makes me amazed, and my eyes are pampered with the depiction of figures that the pretty and handsome-looking, hehehehe

That is my favorite cartoon character.

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

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  1. Ah. Another Sailormoon fans. Hehe. Many members post Sailormoon. Hahaha.

    I love Conan also.

    1. haha, I see, I keep asking, why many members hide their post tittle, just left with their name only,, is the Sailormoon embarrassing enough to be recognized by others? :D

      yes, Conan is super cute yet smart. Wondering, is there any people out there is like him? :D