Sabtu, 11 April 2015

EF#13: I’m not really a Sport Mainstream

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Sport is one of the activities to maintain health. Asthe 13th week theme of BEC, I was late to follow, too late to do the submission, but I will continue to pay the debt of my posts though not included in the list BEC weekly submission.

Actually, I was not too fond of the sport, even though I know exercise is good for maintaining health. I am also not one to mainstream in one sport only. No, I’m Not. If I had to choose, I would choose badminton. Because that is the only sport I can do better, still quite amateur, not proficient.

In my opinion, the sport does not have to always do what is called the exercise by selecting one or more sports within a certain time. Sports and even then does not have to be done in the gym. For me, doing other things that can make us sweat already included in the sport. For example, do homework as sweeping, mopping floors, washing clothes and cooking, it's like sport in my opinion. Because by doing activities that already make me quite a sweat and burn calories right?

If I was bored inside the house, while exercise can be done weekly or monthly shopping at the supermarket. How do? Take a walk around while pushing trolley includes exercise and burn some calories. or just window shopping at the mall also can burn calories

Because I am not really a sport mainstream. And that's what I call with exercise and some of my way to exercise. So, what is your favorite sport and how did you do it?

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  1. Agree that doing housework also kind of exercise.

    Hats off for all mother.


  2. Amiinn, I wish I will become a mother soon :)

    Thank you for dropping by mas, sorry for this late post, but I do keep the track :)