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EF#15: Children Games Now and Then

BEC theme this time is little bit serious in my opinion, to see the development and diversity of children ages ago, my day today and the days of my children. The theme will be filled with the points of view, opinions and may be slightly open secret, hehehe. Okay, I'll write early in order not to miss anymore. Two weeks yesterday rather hectic at home so that I miss doing submission, but I have paid everything here and here. Then, let's check my earlier submission Just check out my late submission if you have any spare time

The world of children is a world of fun. Every day is filled with innocence respond to what they see in front of them, responding to what they experience or other people around them in their own way. As older adults, we look at it funny, how they innocently asking about this and that, how could
it be this and that, all so natural with a very high sense of curiosity. That is children.

The world of children is identical to a world full of play. Beginning soon after the baby
was born, the parents always give them age-appropriate toys. Obviously not possibly if newborns are given a book? Hehehe. Children's games were of various kinds. Start of various types of cars, dolls, barbies, cooking, marbles, etc. Start of toys that can be played alone, in small groups and requires many people to play it. In addition to its own object, toy, I prefer to play a game with one or several persons together with peers. It feels better, more interesting and more fun.

When I was little, I prefer to play in groups, such as baseball games, "betengan" (running after one to another), go back to door, "engkling" (jump in a certain shape such as mountain, square, etc.), jump rope, hide and seek, etc., in addition to game houses, barbie or cooking with one or two people . I did it at the afternoon around after the Ashar in front of the house. In front of my parents' house is a fairly wide but deserted vehicles, sometimes also in my parent’s yard, the yard of my parents is spacious enough for a group game. When I go home to my parents' house, and meet up with my childhood friends, we often reminisce about how we played together as children. And it gives the experience and special memories for us.

my sisters childhood, traditional games in groups like I did already becoming old-fashioned. Children, including my sisters, would rather be at home spending time by watching tv, watch games, and games via pc. So, my sisters do not really know how to play traditional games like I do. Sadly, they do not feel how much fun making new friends through the game.

Children today, also has abandon the traditional game and replace it with game play station, which has many versions. I do not know the types, because
I only have sisters, I do not understand the boys game.

But children
awareness to technology, coupled also with awareness of parents with technology. My friends, who already have children, willing to spend in a lot of money to improve brain development of their children through educational games that are favored lately. The parents were trying to keep their children out of the gadgets that may develop in the child's mind concern for their surrounding And it was better in my opinion, because the children will be formed into a more intelligent person through these educational games. Killing two birds in one stone. I will do the same if I become parents one day. In order for my children childhood does not depend on the gadgets game and less socializing and making friends with others. I do not blame the parents who prefer or let their children play with gadgets, no, I just express option. Every parent has their own way to educate their children, and all children have their creativity and interest respectively. Because each family have their own story. So, do not judge the book by its cover.

That's mine, where's yours?

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