Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

EF#9: What would I do for my first meet up?

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I do not know what to write about this theme. Since I've never participated in a meet-up, let alone meet up within the virtual world community. As I mentioned here, that I quite often ignore my blog since the first time I create a blog, so I have not had any experience in the blogging world. And the only community that I follow is due to the activities of the school or community college.

So, what will I do on my first meet up, which I do not know when to come true, hehehehe. The first step may be prepared before leaving the meet up, because based on what I read, some meet up in certain communities have rules, such as dress code. Then prepare the introductory sentences, because meet new people, I do not know what to say, I am usually much silent and prefer to observe first in advance. I'm not very spontaneous. Then yes just go with the flow, where the direction of the conversation and follow the activities that has been prepared by the committee. Oh yes, if there is a chance the meet up someday, I wants location that has good view, or that interesting enought for photo background. Because a picture tells more than a story, right?!

And wait a minute, an important point is do not forget to exchange phone number before leaving meet up, in order to plan a next meet up someday or if someone who visits a place, there can be contacted as a friend to hang out, just like me, ehehehe

That's all. Maybe that's it. I hope one day I can attend a meet-up in certain communities when my husband was transferred to the big city, hehehe

See you then

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  1. I think I'm pretty much like you. I like to observe first in new environment. But I think you would like BEC's Meet Up *hidden agenda* maybe next time we can meet up. Where do you live btw?

    1. Currently, I stay in Duri, Riau, Because my husband works here, but I come from Madiun, East Java.

    2. It is funny that I intend to write the same comment with R_Ming24's comment: Where do you live?
      Untung baca komen dulu baru nulis hehehe. Salam kenal dari BEC ya :)

    3. hehehehe,, salam kenal juga mb Erma :)