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EF#12: Different Destination, Different Transportation

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This week challenge made me want to tell all of my experiences using transportation, given the high mobility for doing this and that. It’s not that I really busy person and always be on the way, but more about the task that I have to fulfil and require me to go anywhere else. So, here is the story about my transportation
Throughout my life, to this day, I use a lot of transportation facilities, it can be private or public transport. My private transpostation include bicycles and motorcycles – from my parents of course. I use the bike when I was in elementary school and junior high school. Because the distance from home to school is close enough, 10 minutes walking distance and if you ride a bike it’s about 3 minutes. But I am happier and more often walk from the home, because I have many friends whose house is close to my home. So, I go to and back from school often walk together. What a wonderful day
I started to use public transport when I was in high school, because the distance from home to school is quite far, about miles. Its about 30 minutes travel by motorcycle. At the beginning of high school, I prefer taking a bus and then followed by “angkot” – public transportation. In the middle of my high school life, I started using the motorcycle to go to course and return to home. Because of the long distance from home to school, I have started to stay in a boarding house since I entered high school as I mentioned here
I had more often used the public transport when I was in college. At the beginning of college, I prefer to use economic bus, continued city bus, and continued public transportation to get to boarding house, and vice versa for the return. Its series of long trips. Please be understanding, I was still a new college student, wants tried out more many public transportations. The more I be a senior in college, made me prefer a little more elite transportation. Switch from the economic bus into executive bus and continued to taxi. Why? The reason is cliché. It saves time and energy. Althought it spend a lot money. With a series of regular public transport I use, Caruban - Surabaya distance would take 5 - 6 hours on the road, due to traffic or “ngetem” – long wait to fulfil the seats, yet again when approaching long holiday. While using the executive bus, I can save 2 hours on the road, the same as when i was using a private car. I spend more money to save time. Every public transport has a positive and negative side, depending on where the user would choose. For economic public transport, we can meet all kinds of people in it, including music from the street-performance on the bus, many foods from street vendors, even the chickens is brought on the bus by a middle aged woman from her village  The negative side, when we were tired, we could not sleep in the bus, because the heat and the noisy atmosphere on the bus, and I do not like the smoke from cigarettes, I feel I can’t breathe (the economic bus is not an air conditioned as the current economic bus). Contrary to the executive bus, the atmosphere inside is very quiet, because most middle-aged passengers and wanted to rest on the bus.
For now, I use transportation to get home is using air line. Yes, across the islands, it can be days if you use a landline   I use executive bus or travel to get to the airport and proceed with the plane.
I also ride on a train, although I did not tell you before. But I prefer to take the bus instead of riding the train, because ride the train was boring to me. If we look outside the window there is only rice fields and rivers, especially when the night falls, which is visible from outside the window just a pitch dark, unattractive, no one can be enjoyed. While riding the bus, we could be window shopping the cities, if there is any night light that illuminate the road so it is not boring, seemed riding a personal car.
There are also other public transportations that we can rode in addition to the main public transportation to travel, namely the bus way, wagon / gig (still exist in my hometown), pedicab, motor-pedicab (bentor), rabbit train (which favored among young mothers to take their babies around the city) and the motorcycle of course.

So, let's mention, which vehicle has never been my riding?

And what vehicle you have never rode?

Let's share about public transportation

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  1. Ojek. Hahahahaha.

    You have tried so many kind of transportations.


    1. You are wrong! Try to guess again later! :D
      I do have rode ojek before,,

      yes, of course, it's suits with the tittle, right?! :D

  2. Really early submission Mba, you're really diligent at this ^^
    I think I have never tried the rabbit train :D

    1. No, I'm not the earliest one, this is already Thursday :)
      Where's your submission?

      I have rode the rabbit train when I was graduate from college :)

    2. I submitted on Saturday Mba, hihiihi :p

  3. I guess you've never been on the back of a truck, have you?
    This post shows your honesty in telling your experience, and I like how you say "elite transportation, rabbit train, and window shopping" :D

    1. surprisingly, I have been on the back of the truck :D How? It was on my elementary school and junior high school, when I was one of the participants on scout camp that held in other city :) did I succeed to make you surprised? :D

      hahahaha :D I just randomly hit the keyboard, actually, I do not know what is the english form for "bus patas", so I called it elite transportation or executive bus, hehehehehe

  4. Whoaaaa.. Uda nyobak semuanya.. :D

    1. belum kok :)
      ayo ikutan tebak, mana yang belum? :D