Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015

EF#8: What will I say when I met myself 10 years ago?

This is a unique theme, such as imagining having a Doraemon anywhere door which became the theme of the fourth week, but this theme is more like taking a time machine to go back to ten years ago, or become Doraemon from the future to help Nobita today. Nice theme for imagining, so let's get started!

Ten years ago, meaning when I was sixteen years old, first year entered the world of gray and white uniforms that people said is the most wonderful time. I do not think so. But that does not mean my high school years are not fun? Just kidding.

There are a few things I want to say to myself in sixteen years old over a letter. The first is regret, I am sorry I did not have any courage to try new things in a new environment, considering I've stay in a boarding house for the first time at that age. So there's my duty to come home once a week at the weekend to meet with the family, while all the fun school activities conducted during the weekends. I do not dare to take the risk of losing time with my parents and my younger sisters who I had not seen for a week. I prefer hanging out with family at home instead of using my weekend time to discover new things through school activities. So my first paragraph in my letter will contain a recommendation to get out of my comfort zone and spend a weekend on school activities that can expand my world and expand friendship networking, so maybe I'll have more and more friends now. I wish it was told to me that sixteen years old to do it even if it means sacrificing time with family. That's worth today.

The second paragraph of my letter will contain the appreciation, proud of me that I have managed to get into favorite high school in the city, SMAN 2 Madiun, managed to set my foot out home for self-learning, learning to live with someone other than a family in a house that is called by boarding house, meet with new people, sleeping under the same roof. It’s so fun and new experience for me. Do you know, i have tried so hard to adapt in the new environment, I belief I did a great job. And I am very grateful I made that decision when I was fifteen years old. It’s great and difficult choices among all of my future goals.

That's all. Two great choices in my life that I made ten years ago, when I was sixteen years old, and I think it has a huge effect on my life today. Two different options, one of which for the better I still feel now and the others made me want to do it again. But positively I realized that I love my family so much. Can’t stay away from them. But now, I have to stay away from them. But that’s life and life is a choice. Thank you.

Note: thanks to admin who provide this theme for revealing some of my secret, i’m so embarrassed, ahhaaha

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  1. nothing to be embarrassed about our past right? :D
    Everything we did in the past makes who we are today :)
    Thank you for joining the challenge, it's great to read your post :)

    1. heheheehe,, just kidding :D
      thank you for visiting my blog, I'll visiting you're blog too :)