Senin, 23 Februari 2015

EF#7: Beautiful Snap from Bungus Beach, Padang

Bungus Beach, Padang
Responsibility to stay on the Sumatra island, making me have the opportunity to explore the diversity of Indonesia, including of tourism. I have opportunity to traveling to some tourist destinations on the Sumatra islands. I did it at the end of 2014 and I told you the full story here. Of several tourist destinations, it is difficult for me to choose one of them tobe the favourite one. But, especially for BEC theme this time, I forced myself to choose. And the choice fell on Bungus Beach, Padang.

The beach is on the
Bungus, Kabung Gulf, it’s about two hours drive from the center of the Padang city. The sand is white, the beach is still pristine and clean. But be careful when you are at the beach, because the sand is made of rubble instead of very soft sand, so if your foots are not used to it, I suggest wearing sandals. But dont worry, it does not diminish the beauty of the beach.

The main road leading to the beach is located between the mountains and the beach, so our eyes will be spoiled by the view of the beach and ocean from the car we were riding. So, you can imagine right, how beautiful view of the beach and the mountains that can be enjoyed as well. The trip to the beach already made my spirit go up let alone the beaches, beautiful. Subhanallah!

Chavery Beach Hotel, Bungus, Padang

Arriving at the beach, it turns out that the inn my husband and I headed directly in front of the beach. So, we can enjoy the sunset beach Bungus from our room. The rented room shaped like a bungalow where almost all parts of the living room is made of a wooden structure. This wooden structure Makes the atmosphere more natural. It's so beautiful and I cannot describe how happy and how lucky I was. Hope you could enjoy it someday. See you!  

Sunset in front of my room :)
*sorry, it turns out that i put too many picture in this post, it's hard to choose one

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  1. Wow... beautiful beach Lisa. Love it. Now I want to go to beach due to your post.

    1. Hope you can spare your schedule to go there someday :)
      it's really beautiful scenery, and don't forget to stay in Chavery Beach Hotel, that's a perfect match! :D