Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

EF#5: My first letter using English

After reading mba Ola’s post here, i became a little-bit tickled, want to follow BEC, but because i was still hesitant, finally distracted by itself, hehehe Continues with blog walking, because I don’t have any idea, don’t know what I would post. Because mba Ola’s post also here, so idly want to know how SEO work on my blog. Again, i idly typed my name in SEO and here it is, appeared some of my post through socmed, college assignment, college library, my final assignment, blogs, etc. And what makes me surprised was I found my first letter I wrote using English language. Oh, how nostalgic! I can’t imagine how desperate and how curious i am at the time, with the limit time pressure which I think is very short for my brain that is under average, still wants to complete the task from my lecturer.

As a graduate from the Department of Statistics, i do like programming, but just a little bit. In computer programming class, students are required to not only rely on software toolbox in solving problems or tasks assigned by the lecturer. With limited capacity of my brain, I want to try my skills in terms of programming, how great I am, how much I can count on my right brain. But it turns out I was not that great to be aligned with some of my friends who is good at programming. Alright! Recklessly, desperate and curious, I ventured to send an email to admin, owner of software used on my college. Unfortunately it must be written using English, which I do not believe in myself, no guts for it. But what can I do, my curiosity has passed the threshold I could bear, using google translate to improve and grammar in a few sentences, finally I hit the send button steadily.

Hours passed and the days passed, the email reply did not come, while the deadline is getting closer, and I was getting anxious waiting. At the last second of the deadlines collection, I was surrender, my brain really dead end to find the answer that is impossible produced by my brain. Luckily, my lecturer said that it was only as an exercise for students, not included in the assessment.

What? are you kidding me?! Is it true? I just said Alhamdulillah.

Maybe it's just me wanted to get it done by then or maybe I was too excited back then.

After a few days, I forget exactly how many days, as I recall, is past the deadline, appears a reply from the owner of the software, how pleased I am, although it has passed from the time of the task given my lecturer. But at least the software company kindly enough to reply emails from troubled students like me at the time, which also shows that they are willing to help users who lose their way. And i should have said thanks to them at that time, but i forgot whether to thank you , and I regret it.

My experience of my English letter reminded me that I really like English. Although I forget whether to thank you, but I am glad I found it yesterday, as memories to remember, that I've ever been in that situation, pressed until no option other than English. It reminds me of the passion that I have had to continue to learn English.

So , What do BEC mean for me? Its rediscover the spirit of writing using English


I would like to say thanks to Matlab Team for answering my question years ago, even it's late. 
Just want you to know that I'm very grateful

Thank You

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