Senin, 23 Maret 2015

EF#11: Casual Feminine Style by Kivitz

Do not want to miss this week challenge from BEC, hehehehe. Early m orning post beside preparing my husband needs on this hectic Monday. BEC theme this time makes me think, picking out OOTD photos, because it's very rare OOTD in my blogs. Different from mba Ola said from her post that teach her housemaids to use a camera, because I just lived here with my husband only, just two of us, but luckily had a husband who was willing to capture me many times for an OOTD were deemed fit for publish. Ahhaahahahaha Okay, do not have to wait too long again, here is my OOTD

From head to toe, I wear printed square scarf and Fiza dress from Kivitz and white ribbon shoes from Connection. Really in love with this dress, it’s comfortable enough to wear daily or going somewhere in any occasion because it’s really describe me as i wanted. I do love this printed square scarf too, love with the pattern, so wide to adjust and covering me enough, really recomended

printed square scarf by kivitz | Fiza dress by kivitz | white ribbon shoes by Connection | Winstar Hotel Pekanbaru | Photograph by hubby using Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

My default style is casual feminine, where casual is mandatory in my style dictionary, wherever we are, we should dress decently, in addition to the main requirement is comfortable to wear for long. The second condition is feminine, featuring the women's side, thus indicating identity as a Moslem. That's what I called fashion in my opinion.
So, this is my OOTD yesterday, how about you?

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  1. Feminine casual. Love reading that kind of style.
    Glad you're sharing your OOTD Mbak.