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EF#10: Favorite Indonesian Food?

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My favorites Indonesian food? Well, one of my favorite foods actually I have ever reviewed here, which is the typical food from my home town. I was too confused to choose because so many foods or dishes that I like. That’s not called favorite food, right? Ideally called the favorite refers only to one or two types of course, not a lot, I think. But for the sake of BEC theme this time, I will force myself to pick another one of the Indonesia’s favorite dishes of course, that already familiar to all residents of Indonesia, namely Soto. Well, already imagine of Soto?

Indonesia is a country filled with diversity in all things, both in terms of tourism, culture and language. Because of the diverse cultures that gave birth to another diversity, in terms of food for example. One is called Soto. Who does not know this type of cuisine? If you are really Indonesian, lest you claim to love Indonesia that have never tasted or tried this type of cuisine. How could I not? Because a lot of the Soto menu sold in Indonesia, both famous restaurants, sidewalk and hawkers, and because of its cultural diversity as well, Soto menu undergone many modifications according to the region of origin.

Soto is one of Indonesian food-like soup made of meat and vegetable broth. The broth is used divided into two, namely chicken and beef. The composition of the vegetables used also varied according to region of origin. Various regions in Indonesia has its local soup each with a different composition, such as Soto Madura, Soto Kediri, Soto Lamongan, Soto Jepara, Soto Semarang, Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi, Soto Padang, Soto Bandung, Sroto Sokaraja, Soto Banjar, Soto Medan, and Cotto Makassar. Soto also named according to the content of dishes on it, for example, chicken soup, soup meat, tripe soup and goat soup.

Soto presenting any way varies according to the peculiarities of each region. Soto usually served with rice, lontong, ketupat, noodles, or rice noodles with assorted side dishes, such as crackers, perkedel, melinjo, sauce, and chili beans. There is also the added quail eggs, shells satay, lime, lemon, offal satay and Koya. Not infrequently the seller also provides the bones of chicken or meat fillet, leaving little meat, fat, cartilage, skin, or marrow contained in the bone. Add to the pleasure of eating soup and it's free.

Which one I like? My tongue is leaning more and more suited to the taste of Soto Lamongan, hehehe. Sure, my culinary knowledge about the soup is still not much. I mean, of all kinds of soup that I mentioned above, not all of them I have tried. Most often does Soto Lamongan. Surely, I lived right in the eastern part of Java Island, hehehe. The taste of Soto Lamongan able to lure me to eat it again. Clear liquid and the fresh scent of lemon adds delicious when eaten afternoons when the sun was blazing orange and a glass of iced tea or iced orange. Not forgetting Koya and prawn crackers. It’s delicious!

So tell me, which Soto do you prefer?


Maafkan bahasa Inggris saya yang belepotan, sulit sekali menemukan bahasa Inggris untuk beberapa jenis makanan dan bumbu tertentu, jadi saya mengandalkan fasilitas translator dari Google dan beberapa memang tidak saya terjemahkan, karena setahu saya, tidak semua dapat diterjemahkan. Satu kata dalam bahasa Indonesia dapat menjadi satu kalimat terjemahan, heheeheh

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  1. i seem to be lost between jungles of soto, so.. i like most of many sotos in Indonesia :)

    1. hahaahahaha, thank you for dropping by mbak arbiyanti, salam kenal :)

      where's the paper, take a note, take a note, new vocab, the jungle of Soto, heeheheh, just kidding :D

  2. I like any kinds of soto mbak, but I prefer to not adding lemon or ketcup (soto jawa, soto lamongan and soto banjar) while eat it. I only add sambal. Even when I eat bakso, I never added it with lemon nor ketcup.

    *nambah kosakata lagi soal masakan ^___^

    1. Me too ajeng, I never add any lemon, ketchup, sauce, chilli or sambal in my foods/ cuisines because I want to try the real taste, if I add one of those topping, the taste will different from the real taste. And i don't like spicy too. In Javanese is called "Putihan" :)

  3. Hello Mba, finally I read your post here. Hehehe.
    High five for your comment on Rina's post. Doesn't like spicy also like me. So if we meet, I don't need asking if the food is spicy or not. Hahaha.

    Soto. Love it also. Hahaha. I am "kemaruk" if it is about Indonesian food. I want it all hahaha.

    1. Btw I am Febriyan or Ryan from ryanfile.wordpress.com

    2. oalah, kirain siapa R_Ming24, ternyata oh ternyata si mas empu admin ryanfile, heheheh

      Mbak Rina? Who is that? is that mb Arbiyanti nick name?

      yup2, hope we can meet someday and eating something doesn't spicy together, hahaha :D

      you must choose one of those kind, not all, is there any space available in your stomach if you eat all of those? :D