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What Makes Me Had to Go and Watch a Movie!



What Makes Me Had to Go and Watch a Movie

A very simple and straight forward question, right?

Its a simple challenge and looks very interesting to me. I said to my self that I have to make a post about this. Although I am so late to do the submission on BEC. But its okay. I will take it as a note to my self.

So, a simple and direct question, yet got my interest throught the heart. As a movie lover, it makes me feel that I should tell you my reason. So here we go!

1. I love watching movie
I really like movie. I really enjoy watching movies, whether in cinema or by my self using my personal computer. I could even say that I have a hobby of watching a movie. I could even isolate my self all day in my room just to watch a movie. Especially if I’m watching Korean Drama. I also have not any slept for spending every episode of the Korean Drama. Because it’s so interesting to me and I got so curious about whats next, I can’t stand to wait or leave a single minute. Hehe. But, not all types of movies that I prefer, my favorite movies are romantic, comedy, drama, cartoon, etc except thrill and horror. Don’t expect I will watch this types of movies. It will never happen!
2. If people are talking about it and they have interesting conclusions or satisfied about the movie, then I had to go too.
Because it’s by nature I have a hobby of watching movies, then when people are talking about it, like my friends and they have the same conclusion that the movie is interesting or satisfied, so I felt I had to watch as well to prove it.

You should go to a cinema if people are talking about the movie

3. From its ads seems attractive.
Just like a new product, movies are also have trailers that they use as an ads to attract the audience. And I was one of those who easily persuaded by movies ads and trailers. Hehehe.
4. I have already watched the first one, then I was so curious whether it will be made a sequel.
When watching a movie and that movie turned out to be made a sequel, so I don’t want to miss, I want to know how the continuation of the story.

5. I have already read the novel and looks interesting if it was turned into a movie.
When a novel turned into a movie, and I consider it as an interesting novel, then I need to watch the movie. Although at the end of the movie will be filled with discussions that essentially compares the content of the novel and the movie. 

6. Quality time with my husband
Watching movies is one way for me to have quality time with my husband. Usually, we set off early, buy tickets for one to two hours earlier. Fill our stomach first while strolling around before entering the cinema.
Our date will ended by discussing things about the movie that we watched on the way home until we are going to bed. The discussion will start from the actor and actress, the story of the movie, scenes, the possibility of a sequel, and everything. This method has never failed to establish our quality time, helping to understand each other through what we like and dislike.

That’s all.

What about you? Do you have the same reasons to go and watch a movie as me?



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