Selasa, 19 Mei 2015

EF#19: My Cute Cat, Nino

My family is a cat lover family. Not a costly cats like the Persian cat, Angora cat or other hybrid types of cats, but enough domestic cats. Only ordinary cat. We treat our domestic cats with a special treat and we care so well that he can be very docile and submissive in our family.

Almost every home in our family has a cat, at my aunt’s home, my parent’s home, my sister’s home, all have a cat. Not much, a maximum of only two cats of each home, but usually there is only one, so they can not always fighting each other. And the type is same, ordinary cat or domestic cats.

Our family had a cat that is very funny in our opinion. We treat him well. He is very docile and very obedient to our family. The food is also very easy, whatever he likes not only refers to the rice mixed with anchovies. He likes fried noodles, crackers, tempe, bread crumbs, whatever he likes. If there is one member of our family is eating, me for example, was to eat bread, then he will be close, just closer and looked at me that I was eating. He will not meow. Just looking at it. That means he wants bread I eat. Then I take a little bit of my bread, I put on the floor, then he eats, little by little, until exhausted. If he is not satisfied or if they want more bread on the floor exhausted, he would look at me again, as a sign that he wants more, if not, then he will go after its share on the floor exhausted. But, what if the bread which I hold up? Then I'll show my hands to him, and he would go. It's just as simple as that. And I will never forget the habit. If only you knew, how cute is him. His name is Nino.

There is another Nino's habit that makes our family increasingly fond of him. He would throw his feces in the toilet. Yes, although he could not douse with water afterwards. Even if not in the toilet, then he would defecate away from our home, so that our house stays clean. It also makes us let him sleep on a bed near our feet. Because we often bathe him, so we make sure the body is clean.

Nino used to sleep anywhere in our house and it did not make us worried, because his fur does not fall at all even though he slept on the couch so that our sofa was still clean. If he wants to sleep in a room near our feet, he can open the door of our room itself by bobbing as he opened the door handle with his two front legs.

Unfortunately he could not accompany our family for a long time. On one morning, he did not want to eat, or drink, just sit daydreaming with eyes empty throughout the day. And it was done outside the house when the air is cold, when we take it into the house, he would go back outside the house afterwards. Over time, the body gets weaker, and finally we decided to bring it to the vet. Unfortunately, in the middle of the road to the house vet, he suffered convulsions and then die. We feel very sad and felt very lost. We lost a good and obedient cat. We were very fond of him.

That’s my story about my memorable one, Nino. So, where’s your story?

2 komentar:

  1. He was so cute.
    So sorry to hear that he passed away.

    1. Of course, he will always be my cute cat ever.
      it's ok mas, it already immemorial, he died when I was in Senior High School.