Senin, 11 Mei 2015

EF#18: Lifetime Complicated Relationship


This is unique. And this is a family. Complicated relationship derived from marriage between two peoples. Why? Because in a matter of minutes ijab and qobul, suddenly had a new mother and a new father were later called in-law. Then have brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts who came later. We need time to study the new genealogical family. Placing a position as brother or sister for others. And it is a family.

No need to rush to learn, because you have plenty of time. However, at least you know the name and position in the family first. To know them then love them, you have a lifetime.

Besides other people's family suddenly become part of our family, we have a family of our own that we are building with our partner. So there will be at least three families we will have. Parents family, in-laws and our own families. That certainly will form a very large family. That's what happens when a pair of young men and women gets married, then, what if our sister got married, of course the family will grow as the number of marriages in the family.

More and more families that arise as a result of a marriage, at some point, we will find ourselves stuck in it. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I mean stuck is how we can call our new brothers or sisters. For example, Mrs. Lisa is a wife of my cousins ​​who is the 3rd child of my mom sisters. Or more complex such as HSBC ad that aired on TV a few years ago if you remember. Interesting and complicated, right? I called it Complicated Lifetime Relationship

This is my late submission (again) because I was so busy reading my new novel, so I just spending my time for reading it than doing a submission

I got mine, so, how’s your complicated relationship?

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  1. Ah. Married is not just about two persons. But many involved there. That's the complicated thing. Getting all in place. Thank you for sharing Mbak.
    Should I get married and get complicated then. Hmmmmm.