Selasa, 26 Mei 2015

EF#20: From Lip Service to Learning Service

Starting relationships with others is not easy. At least we must have one thing in common or similarity that makes us connect with new people who will be in a relationship with us. This applies in general, both with people who later became a best friend, boyfriend, husband, or maybe just friends. Because that one thing in common will make us easier to communicate with others.

Then, what if we do not have any similarity with those who will be in a relationship with us? It will be our homework. As it turns out we have to make efforts to get closer to us with these people. Efforts that may be done is to find out the interest of those who will be our approach. Once we know it, we can make the interest as an ingredient to communicate. Then, what if the interest of people who would we approach proved to be outside of our capacity to understand it? We can meet directly with a standard preamble to initiate communication. Yes, although the standard pleasantries sometimes more difficult to do for some people, including me. Hehehe.

It will be even harder when we are going to try to enter in a certain group. For example, my experience as a new employee in my office three years ago. It all starts with lunch and a standard preamble. Next conversation will flow by itself. Somehow, my adaptation process as a new employee at that time fairly quickly. Maybe because the other person or my opponent in communication is also having an open personality. So with a standard preamble can deliver them to tell about themselves to me.

In my office, I was the youngest employee, so I hung out with the elders. And it was not as difficult as I imagined, because our characters may be the same, so we were comfortable exchanging ideas about anything. About news, works, families, parents, children, home, education, anything. Because of relationship with people who are older than me, made me learn many things from their experiences. I also feel comfortable asking their opinion about what I faced at the time and make it as the basis for my decision making.

That is, the effect of the relationship between co-workers, starting from small talk at lunch that led my colleagues tell about them and certainly made me a lot to learn through their experiences. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet and share stories with those great people. Although I was no longer working with them and it may be difficult for me to meet them, but I am still grateful to have known them. They have an important role in my life who taught me to see the world through different viewpoints. I will miss them and our moments together.

This is my story about relationship effect in my office, where’s yours?

This is my late submission (again and again) because I was so busy crafting and packing for my online shop, so I just spending my time for doing it than doing a submission. So sorry, hope I will not late again next time

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  1. I hope you are not late for this week challenge as you already remind me earlier. Hehehe.

    Being in relationship with co workers helps alot.