Rabu, 06 Mei 2015

EF#17: My Future Goal Back Then and Now


Childhood is a time where children observe and mimic what is around them, learn to distinguish between good and bad and choose someone or something as a role model. A goal for children is one of the formation of a role model in my opinion. Because they see and observe it from adults who first engaged in the field. I call it a role model as a goal in the future.

A goal in children often vary according to the level of education and knowledge. Including me, I was changing my goals are quite often in line with what I observed myself and my ability to make it happen.

When we were kids, parents usually ask what their child goal in the future. For me, the person who first asked my goal is not my parents but my grandparents. And my answer back then is to be a teacher. Why? I saw a teacher can answer any questions that I do not know, whatever it is. In a word, I admire a teacher who taught many things to the students, not just lessons but also manners and character for shaping a child becomes a human being who is not only proficient in intelligence but also socially. I admire that profession so that is my first goal.

After experiencing many changes in the course of growing up, my goal now is not much different from my childhood. I want to be a teacher for my children later, educate my children and be a place to ask for my children when they are at home. And I will begin to educate myself before I educate my children. Although the educational background that take not from teacher education, it does not mean I can’t be a teacher, right?

This is my late submission (again) because I just got home from going to my parents home last weekend and I’m so busy back and fort spending my time for family than doing a submission.

It is okay, right? This is my goal, what is your future goal?

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  1. Another busy week.

    Hopefully you can be the teacher you want for your children.