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EF#24: Must Have Menu for Ramadhan Breakfasting

Kolak Pisang

I usually share a recipe in Cooking Class label, where the content is cooking recipes that I managed to make with my own photo cooking results. Show off. Hahahahah. But this time, this week theme makes me hard to think, writing recipe in English it really something. Well, let's try.

Each family or even perhaps everyone has a menu to breakfasting, before eating the main meal, is like rice and friends. Most people will choose kolak, porridge, ice that contains a variety of fruit, fried snack or maybe just a warm sweet tea. People are free to choose, whether enjoyed during the warmer to warm the stomach which is empty all day, so that the stomach is not surprised when something entered first. Or directly washed down with a cool drink in order to relieve the thirst throughout the day due to the heat. Depending on the choice of each. I personally tend to breakfasting with a warm sweet tea before eating the other. And the next menu is kolak.

Kolak is a kind of food that contains tubers and fruits with sweet coconut milk. The contents of kolak may vary, depending on the tastes of each. Kolak can contain sweet potato, cassava, pumpkin, banana, jack fruit, fro, and others. Usually within kolak contains two kinds of material, could cassava with bananas, sweet potatoes with jack fruit, sweet potatoes with pumpkin, etc. Though it can also include more than two ingredients. But I do not see kolak which there are bananas and jackfruit. Because both have a very strong smell, so what would be the kolak smell.

Incidentally my husband and I really liked kolak, so kolak is our must have menu for breakfasting. This is the kolak recipe we used to make at home.

Cilembu sweet cassava
Coconut milk
Salt and sugar
Pandan leaves or vanilla (optional)

How to make:
1. Peel each sweet potato and pumpkin, cut into dice shape.
2. Boil sweet potatoes until tender beforehand because sweet potato harder than pumpkins. Then enter the pumpkin.
3. Boil until they are tender.
4. Reduce the heat, put the coconut milk, stirring slowly and constantly so the coconut milk not broken.
5. Add salt and sugar according to taste. Lift, can be served warm or cold.

The amount of sweet potatoes and pumpkins that are used can be adjusted to the needs so, for how many people or how many times to eat. The amount of milk that is used can also be adjusted, if like the coconut milk that is not too thick or viscous. As well as salt and sugar, if you want a sweet or savory. Pandan leaves can be added or vanilla to add the good smell. But if there is already a banana or jack fruit, do not need to add pandan leaves or vanilla.

How, it’s easy to make it, right? This is our must have menu for breakfasting, what is your must have menu for breakfasting?

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  1. Karena menulis resep sudah terlalu mainstream. Jadi kita nulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Hahahaha