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EF#21: Natural Escape Destination, Grape Forest Tourism

Wana Wisata Grape

BEC challenge this week makes me think, are there any holiday destination that exist in my city? Why even ask? Because sometimes we are too focused with what is owned by someone else, so we do not realize what we have which then makes us less grateful. I mean, that we often overlook the potential of our city and tend to travel to another city because the destination is often talked about other people or we often hear from others. Lets say it, Bali, Malang, Yogyakarta, Bandung and some other city that when we mention the name of the city alone, we already imagined what was there, tourist destination, culinary, and all the uniqueness of each city. Then? What about our city? We tend not interested, do not know and probably do not even care. Ironic. I'll make this post as notes to myself. As a reminder.

Sungai di Wana Wisata Grape

So, what's in Madiun? Some already mentioned here. So what would I tell you? Grape tourism. Grape tourism is located at the foot of Mount Wilis. The distance is about fifteen to twenty kilometers from Madiun City. We can get there by motorcycle or car. This tourism will take us to the nuances of a beautiful forest that blends with the beautiful view of the rice fields and hills. We can follow the river with small ripples as a result of large rocks along the river. The river is still clean and beautiful. Still natural.

Grape tourism is also famous among school children, because it is often used by schools around the Madiun City for camping. We also can do hiking, cycling or playing water in the river. The landscape is still very natural. So Grape tourism is the perfect place to escape for a while from the daily routine torture.

For the budget nominal, I will make sure under 100,000 rupiahs, because to get there we just need money from the fuel of our vehicles. The entry ticket price was only  2000 rupiahs for a person. For food supplies we can bring from home or we can taste the food that sold by the people around. There are some restaurant that provide a menu of chicken, carp, tilapia, or wader fish in fried or grilled, vegetables stir along with fresh vegetables. Restaurant was located on the banks of the river so well suited to gather with family to enjoy the scenery while eating a meal.

How? Traveled here relatively cheap, right?
Or is there another cheaper holiday destinations? Share your story please...

I forget to mention, do you know how to spell Grape Tourism? It's different spell when we spell Grapes as a fruits. It's really as its write in Indonesian, GRAPE.

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  1. Grape' pakai e' pepek ya? Baru tahu wisata ini. Memang benar sih. Kita cenderung melupakan apa yang ada di tempat kita.

    1. Huruf vocalnya sama ky waktu kita mengucapkan makanan "sate" mas Ryan, tinggal ganti konsonannya aja :)

  2. this post reminds me of my hometown. I used to go there often with my hi school mates back then

    1. really, have you write it down in your blog? I will read that next time for blogwalking :)

      btw, thank you for dropping by :)