Minggu, 28 Juni 2015

EF#23: Mudik Preparation


Maybe this year I really felt a real mudik. In previous years I was still living separately with my husband, so that's just my husband wrote a feel for how troublesome of mudik. But this year, I've moved to Sumatra Island, different island with my parents and in-laws. So I am beginning to think about the preparations for mudik. So, what I prepare?

The first probably yes ticket, tickets for the return trip that I have purchased three or four months ago as possible. Because of the rising air ticket is extremely significant. Different days and different hours of course the price may change. Of course the airline management has been predicted the peak season of red mark in the calendar, so that the passenger was eventually bought ahead of time before their departure, including me.

The second is the parcel. This year is the third year of my Eid as wife and daughter-in-law status. In previous years, I never thought about the parcel culture which is according to my family is not suitable with the oriental culture. But, on second thought, what's wrong with giving something to the parents and in-laws, yet also not every day.

The third is money for “salam tempel”. This is a rather costly yes. Budget will increase according to increasing number of births in the family. According to my late grandfather was the first son of nine brothers. And my father was the first child of my late grandfather, so my dad had a lot of cousins, as well as me, having a lot of niece. The money is made stratified according to the age. That's just in my family side, yet on the part of my husband where my mother-in-law was the first child as well. In the same way, the amount of money that will be given will be doubled. And every year we calculate and count how many of our nephew.

Maybe that’s all of my preparation point. Another preparation of course is outfit that will be used to silaturahim and souvenirs of course.

It is the story of my mudik preparations, how are your mudik preparation?

I will pay my debt two days of this submission, I left behind two weeks because I was sick. Forgive me. InshaAllah I am healthy now and ready to blogging again. This post is for the theme of last week challenge.

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  1. Get well soon mbak Arlisa..I am not mudik because I live with my parents now.

    1. maybe you can go to your grandparents house, I believe you will meet your big family there to silaturahim :)
      Thank you ajeng :) InshaAllah :)