Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015

EF#22: My Upcoming Holiday


Actually this is not a story about the failure of my holiday anyway, but more to the holiday wishes that have not been accomplished but still just want to get there somehow. So here is the story.

Who does not know the Heroes City? Yes, exactly Surabaya City, save a lot of memories for me personally. My life in that city lasted about 4.5 years more. My memories include my bachelor education in Surabaya, met my boyfriend who later became my husband is also in Surabaya, although we come from the same city. Met with my outstanding friends as well as through lectures in Surabaya. And of course my meeting with those people makes me have a lot of experience that I went through there. Yes, people, the density of traffic, culinary, hospitality, flood, and everything about Surabaya made me want to have a house there, moved there if possible. It all makes me want to go back there somehow and whenever it. It always makes me homesick.

After I graduated, I was accepted to work in my home town. Since that time, as I recall only two times I visited Surabaya, it is just to a particular matter that requires me right back home. So I do not have time to reminisce there.

Surabaya will be my next destination although still does not know when it will get there. Wish for my husband to have the event in Surabaya so that I could tag along.

This is my story about my next vacation destination, where do you want to go?

This is my late submission (again and again) because I was sick so I just spending my time for resting in my bed. So sorry, hope I will not late again next time.

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