Selasa, 03 November 2015

EF#30: Maybe, I would not Meet Him and Them

Actually I already feel nothing to lose and didn’t think much about my goals were not reached, only sometimes I still remembered a little. What if I studied in Architectural Engineering? What would I do for my life? Just something like that, wondering what and why.

So, when I was in high school I want to go to college in major Architecture Engineering and want to build a house with my own designs in the future. Although I am not very creative but my passion is in the picture-drawing activity, detail, design, layout and color arrangement. Unfortunately, I don't have a permission from my parents and my teacher. Maybe they scared that I would be a workaholics and forget about other things besides my work. Because actually it is true. I could potentially become workaholics especially if the job is my passion.

Various ways and reason I do to persuade my parents and my teacher, but it does not work at all and I have to choose another major. Someday I got an idea about major Department of Statistics which then attracted me to choose that major for my education. I really live with that. I Think that major suits me better than Architectural Engineering. I enjoy doing analysis which work with many details and many factors. But, sometimes I still imagine what would happen if I persisted to study in Architectural Engineering? My life would be like what? I don’t know, although sometimes I still want it too. But, maybe I will not meet with my friends that I met when I was in college in Statistics major. Which made me learn a lot from them. Maybe I will not meet with my husband who studies in Civil Engineering if I didn’t go to Statistics. Who knows? We will never know what will happen. At least, I have a husband who can realize my desire to build a house with our own design. Hahaha
Alhamdulillah. I also really enjoy seeing my husband who is full of passion in his work according with his wishes. I also learned a lot from his knowledge he get than me.

Finally, I have no regret at all. There is no time for regret. From him, my husband, and them, my friends who made me personally as it is today to live my life today. And I would not get all of that if I were against my parents and my teacher that day.

Note: Tidak ada yang perlu disesali, semua sudah diatur sedemikian indah. Kalau ada yang tidak sesuai itu bukan Allah yang salah merencanakan hidup kita, tetapi kita yang salah dalam mengambil keputusan.

Hayuukk, ikutan curhat di Challenge BEC tentang Your Plan, Your Regret, sambil belajar Conditional Sentences
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  1. I've got a feeling that you are my senior in college ..xD

    1. Really?? Hahahahaha :D
      Ketemunya disini :D

    2. hahaha habis institusi mana lagi yg ada statistika n sipilnya kalo gak ITS mba :D (padahal UGM juga ada tapiii..)
      saya ziza stat 2010, salam kenal mba :D

    3. ini orang its pada ngumpul di sini ya? ;)
      saya dari tetangganya stat, angkatan milenium :P

    4. hai ziza, jadi reuian disini nih ceritanya, Lisa Stat 2007, salam kenal juga yaa :)

    5. tetangga yang mana nih mb vita? tetangganya Stat itu paling Elektro, Biologi sama Matematika,, mb Vita yang mana nih?
      Jadi reunian ini, semua gara2 BEC :)

  2. Saya juga sama mbak..bingung krn sy g trlalu suka dg kdg suka berandai2 "kalau misalnya aku dulu gini gimana ya" tp bukan menyesal,lbh krn penasaran aja (sama kan dg mbak hehe..)

    1. Samaan nih, Tos dl kita mb Vita :D
      Iyah, cuma sering keinget aja, trus jd penasaran.
      Coba ada lacinya doraemon ya, jd kita bisa ke masa lalu buat lihat :D

  3. Andaii aaaaaaku jadi orang kayahhh....
    Andaiiiii aaaaaaku jadi orang pintarrrrr...
    Andaiiiii andai andai andai

    *gak tahu komen apaan coba ini*

    1. ini kenapa mas Ryan jd nyanyi disini??
      sedang galau kah?? hahahahaha :D